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At The Core

I’m understanding better why people vote for a candidate who belongs to a party that does not have their best interests at heart. I’m making headway on it. The division between the conservatives and the rest of the civilized world is based on one thing: legalized, safe abortion on demand. It is the division between the “Godly," although dishonest and hypocritical, and the “baby killers” who wish to make their choice personal, private and without judgement by the mob.

I fear it will ever be thus. It’s too handy a divider. Demagogues will forever latch on to it to advance their agenda, whatever it is. The day of the rational conservative Republican Party against high taxes and for small government has been over for decades. It’s not emotional enough, but the mental picture of little babies being suctioned out of the safety of their mother’s womb is useful as a fundraiser, rallying point, mission, movement, revolution, whatever. Take that medical procedure and hang on it like a Christmas tree issues upon more issues. I pray we get beyond it someday. Until then hate will thrive.

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