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Lock Him Up!

Will Paul Manafort flip? Will he give up his old boss? Will he give up his old boss’s children? Will his old boss pardon him? Will his old boss eventually be impeached? Will his old boss go on a Twitter storm for days on end? Will the NRA advertisements warning of armed revolution if his old boss is impeached come to pass? Will the Anti-fa, also armed to the teeth, fight back? Will the 24-hour news channels explode with excitement? Will Fox Fake News Channel even report this event? Will Mueller's boss fire him? Will congress hire Mueller to continue the investigation? Will the investigation move to a New York venue so that trump can’t pardon anyone connected with the investigation? Will the trumpanzees ever admit they made a mistake? Will they ever overcome their hatred for the United States of America? Will Vladimir Putin open a Krispy Kreme franchise in Alabama? Stay tuned.

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