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Mideast Squeeze

We have to stop using the term “peace process” when it comes to Israel and its neighbors. There is no peace process. There is a war process and all sides today are intransigent and hidebound. No country in the neighborhood is giving an inch peacefully. When will it end? When the last country standing says it’s over.

Evangelical Christians believe that the last chapter in the Bible will come true, that Revelations will play itself out. The world will be destroyed and then we’ll have 1,000 years of peace. The men who wrote the Bible didn’t know how big the world was. They didn’t even know the Earth was round. The men who wrote the Bible didn’t know science, but they understood human nature. They understood that humans will fight to the death for a a piece of land, a religion or a belief no matter how extreme. They knew that humans were capable of destroying themselves. They knew the two basic emotions of the soul, fear and love.They knew that human beings have an infinite capacity to be irrational. Do I think the world will be destroyed? No. The Middle East? As that popular toy, the Magic 8-Ball might say, “Signs point to yes.”

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