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This cartoon is a throwback and futuristic at the same time. It’s a throwback in that it has not only a label (GOP) but also a floating label (MORAL AUTHORITY) like the cartoonists of old used. It’s futuristic in that it’s very simple and will look good on a cell phone screen, which is where all cartoons will appear in the next fifty years, if that long. People who like cartoons will subscribe to their favorites and disregard the rest. The day when a newspaper would run all kinds of interesting features will be long past. People will only see what they want and are focused on. In the world of cartoons, that means some artists will be making a million dollars a month and others will be making zero. The pure democracy of the Internet will decide the winners and losers.

The temptation to add more details in this cartoon as I usually do was overwhelming, but I resisted. I understand that this art may leave some people cold. I love jazz, and there are a couple of artists whose work I support, but I have to hear their music first before I buy the CD because they like to experiment. I understand their precociousness, but it doesn’t make for a good listening experience for me.

So, enjoy. Who knows where I’ll turn next. I already have a feature about stick figures (STUCK) but it’s apolitical. Go to my website ( to check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

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