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News You Can Abuse

OK, I’m back watching TV news, but at a substantially reduced amount. Bannon made me do it and let’s face it, I have to watch enough to come up with editorial cartoon gags. Last night, I found myself absent-mindedly watching ABC Nightly News with David Muir. I wasn’t paying attention; my mind was on other things but when I realized my error, I was appalled. I haven’t watched the Muir hysteria-fest in months and I see nothing’s changed. The news isn’t dramatic enough that Muir has to make it sound like there’s a bomb under my chair and I have to run, NOW!

I quickly switched to CBS and Jeff Glor. He delivers the news calmly and professionally for the most part. CBS has always been the gold standard for me, going back to Walter Cronkite. PBS is another option. I send them money every year and feel like I’m squandering my bank account if I don’t watch. They invented the sane, thoughtful delivery of the nightly news.

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