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The Awakening

Thursday night while watching the 24-7 panic, AKA news shows, on TV, the scales suddenly fell from my eyes. It became clear to me that not only was my prediction of the destruction of the Republican Party coming true pretty much right on schedule, but for the first time I recognized who was doing it. The trump base!

They are putting the GOP zombie out of its misery. Instead of scorning them, we should be praising them. They are my friends, family, neighbors; they are my heroes. And we have to focus, step back, pay attention. The trumpanzees, trumpsters, trump world, whatever we want to call them, are the people in office who have actual power to destroy the party. The trump base is powerless other than to give moral support, show up at the rallies and give encouragement to the real destroyers, the powerful office holders. I’m talking about the insiders, the White House, the cabinet, anyone whose last name is trump, you know, the last person trump talks to before he takes his nap.

When this is all over and the Republican Party lies in ruins at our feet, the people who voted for Donald J. trump deserve a medal. God bless them. Thank you for putting this walking dead political party into its grave. What Phoenix will rise from those ashes, we shall see.

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