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Devin Putin

I heard things. There’s a rumor going on around town, Washington DC town, that Devin Nunes has ben compromised, that he is in fact a Russian operative. They’re saying he’s a mole. That very well could be. He is mighty cozy with that Russian mole in the White House and he sneaks around underground in the White House lawn.

I look at what’s going on with the Republicans and it defies logic, common sense and history. When I see people acting illogically, I think it’s either because of love, money, sex or drugs. It wouldn't be sex (have you seen those people) and the only drugs they I guess would be hemorrhoid medicine. Its possible Republicans are in love with trump, but I think it’s money. The Kochs and Adelsons of the United States have perverted a majority of the Republican politicians to the point of total corruption. The good Republicans are so fed up they're choosing not to run this year. That's too bad. I can only hope Nunes's district will humiliate him in November

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