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You Have The Right To Remain High

States' Rights is a valuable concept in America not often employed in modern times. In other words if the issue is not cemented into the United States Constitution, states are left to decide what their citizens want. There's no prohibition against weed in the Constitution, but slavery is out. You can't outlaw the sale and possession of guns in your state because the Second Amendment is in.

As we fragment in the culture war, it appears that the red states are going in one direction and the blue states another. Take abortion, for instance. I can see the SCOTUS overthrowing Roe vs. Wade and then each state deciding what to do. I know Connecticut would keep legal, safe abortions as a woman's right to privacy with her doctor and in control of her body. And then, I would expect the hypocritical conservatives in the red states would flock here for that legal medical treatment.

There's talk of having a Constitutional Convention to make some changes but I'm against it. Not now. There are changes I would welcome, but there are too many nuts in charge and I fear we'd wind up with extremes. Maybe someday when things settle down and more people stop believing in authoritarian rule, conspiracies and ghosts.

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