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Ryan's Hopeless

Check out Randy Bryce's ads against Queen "Let Them Eat Cake" Paul Ryan in Wisconsin. They're inspirational and the GOP conservatives are scared. You can tell. They're making fun of him because he's a blue-collar ironworker. Paul Ryan is a tool and toady of the Koch brothers and other wealthy oligarchs like them. I confess I'm a proponent of the "Boycott The GOP" movement that's coursing through America. America can't afford political perverts like Ryan.

Longtime friends of Ryan's are at a loss to explain his change. Apparently, he thinks having his big nose nestled firmly up trump's heiny will do him good. Ryan's district is the First Congressional district in the extreme southeast corner of the state. Apparently there's been a mass hypnosis and they're under trump's power. Maybe his lies give them comfort.

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