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I belonged to an evangelical Christian church for a brief moment in time. It scared the hell out of me, literally. I was 11 years old and afraid Jesus would come back at any moment, end the world, take me away from all that I loved and throw me in the lake of fire for going to movies and reading comic books. Finally, my father, whose favorite description of nonsense was the word "bullshit," took me to a Methodist minister to have me de-programmed. I still remember his name, Rev. Donald LaSuer, who passed away five years ago. He told me Jesus didn't care if I went to movies, or danced with girls, or read comic books. He told me to be a good kid and do what was right. I left his office with a new lease on life. He baptized my girlfriend and me when I was sixteen.

There is more than one version of the Christian religion in America. My brand is the version that embraces rational thought. My brand understands that God created science for us to use to unlock the mysteries of the universe. My brand follows Jesus' commandment: be not afraid; the truth shall set you free.

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