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Stormy Weather

I'm a regular watcher of Lawrence O'Donnell's "Last word" on MSNBC. Stormy Daniels's lawyer was a guest the other night and they talked about the specifics of her lawsuit against trump. They covered many things but one of the items was “all private information relating to or pertaining to Donald Trump, including… paternity information.” Paternity information?

That never occurred to me, the possibility that one or some of his girlfriends might've had an abortion. I wonder what Tony Perkin's craven and morally corrupt branch of the evangelical movement would say about that. Never mind, I know the answer as soon as I thought of the question. They'd say whatever they had to to keep their prejudices and fantasies.

Or, what if she had a baby and gave it up for adoption? Another heir to the trump empire! Sounds like another series of lawsuits rolling into the future. This just keep getting better and better!

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