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One Dis Deserves Another

I don't usually do a cartoon about the White House spokesperson, whoever it might be, but Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been so completely disrespectful to the White House press corps, it's time. Nothing personal; it's my duty. Every person who disses the press must understand they are dissing us, you and me. The press is the medium between the newsmaker or their representatives and the news consumer.

If a newsmaker or their representative can't be respectful to the medium, then they should find another line of work, and let's face it, the only institution that's saving us right now is the free press whether it's conservative, mainstream or liberal. The FBI works under threat from the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch is staffed by people who are scared shitless or powerless and the Judicial Branch has to wait to be asked to help.

I completely understand how the press can be a pain in the ass, but a class act knows how to handle them. Dealing with the press directly is a skill that not everyone has, as Sarah Huckster Sandbag demonstrates at every news briefing.

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