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Body Snatchers

Forty percent. Almost half the country thinks that trump is doing a good job. Who are these people? They're our family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. What do they see that the other 54 percent don't? And how can six percent not have made up their minds? Hey, this is America, post Russian takeover. You're either on the bus or off.

I think the problem right now is that it's a question of trump compared to who? OK, autocorrect insists on "whom." Nobody has officially declared their intention or been nominated by either party. The challenger, who––"whomever"––it is is all speculation. The list of names we’ve read so far is not reflecting reality. Also, when trump is challenged in a Republican Party primary, and he will be, that will help clarify support. When the Democrats stop tripping over their own confusion and send a name to be anointed, that'll help us focus. Right now, it's anybody but trump for the 54 percenters and that sounds reasonable to me.

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