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Another Stupid Move

OK, trumpanzees, are you still having fun? And he's just getting started with his trade war with China and Wall St. stock manipulation against Amazon. Of course he's using his standard not-so-secret weapon of ignorance and stupidity. Still support him? Wait till you soybean farmers who voted for him watch your crops rot in the field for lack of a Chinese market. And you manufacturers, will you be taking back that raise you gave your peeps last year?

The Oval Office oaf is putting the booming economy in peril. But, hey, don't take my word for it. I'm just another trump-hater. You trumpanzees know the truth, the one truth, the absolute truth of trump's Tweets. Fox Snooze, TV Roseanne, not-so Breitbart; step in line behind them. You deserve each other, but the majority of the voters in the United States don't. They will survive with their dignity and morality intact. Meanwhile, I'll pray you trumpanzees don't lose your houses and jobs again.

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