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Time Bomb

I hope trump fires Rod Rosenstein and everybody he can in the DOJ. And I hope he does it long before November.

It's all happening the way I predicted, the destruction of the Republican Party. A party that has evolved from sound principles but now is built on racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia and religious extremism. It cannot survive modern America. It’s happening in the manner I said, that the GOP would have to destroy America first, but in the end, our system will save us. The Republicans are doing their best trying to destroy America either by their actions or by their inactions and voters are noticing. Extremists who watch only Faux Snooze Channel aren't noticing because they only use one extremist source for information. That's fine, we don't need them. What will take the GOP's place? That's up to the rational Republicans––the woke moderates and conservatives still standing when the smoke clears.

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