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Hannity Insanity

I quit watching Faux Snooze Channel because Shepard Smith and Brett Baier are only on a couple of hours a day. Because Juan Williams seems so very lonely at that table and the curvy couch crowd in the morning makes me want to flip to the Weather Channel. In short, I have to be careful about how I spend my increasingly valuable time. I'm not going to live forever and life is too short to waste it on Faux Snooze.

Curious thing though, Faux Snooze likes to criticize "the media." In other words, it's admitting that it's not part of the media. It's admitting that it's the propaganda arm of the extreme conservative, alt-right, political bowel movement known as the GOP. The "P" stands for "poop" (or "pee" if you watch any other news channel in the whole wide world.)

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