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Jesus Saves

....but Moses scores on the rebound. Old joke, but I like it. I was an evangelical Christian briefly when I was eleven years old. It lasted about a year until my father took me to a Methodist minister to de-program me. You can read about it in my memoir, "Trackrat: Memoir of a Fan" available on

I'm still a Christian though and I have one word to describe today's evangelicals: shameful. They should be ashamed of their support for trump. trump is their anti-Christ and they don't see it, which is exactly how their literalist interpretation of the Bible describes the anti-Christ in their version of "final days" in the book of Revelation.

They blindly support the anti-Christ trump because they think Armageddon will come soon, the world will be destroyed and Jesus will return. I've got news for them. Jesus comes back every day but they don't recognize him. And the only thing destroyed will be their brand of extremist Christianity.

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