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Many years ago, in a happier time, my wife and I visited Charles Schulz, his wife Jeannie and some friends in Santa Rosa for dinner. It was the first time I met Sparky, as he was known by friends and colleagues. As we shook hands, he said, “I’m an Eisenhower Republican.” I said that was fine with me and that’s all the politics we ever discussed, not just that night, but ever.

The Charles M. Schulz Museum and Cultural Center was spared in the Santa Rosa fire. The public will continue to have a place to visit with their own memories of a different world. Sparky died at 78 years old in 2000, before America changed into something almost unrecognizable.

Last week, I emailed Jeannie and asked how she was doing and whether the museum was threatened. She said the museum was fine, but I should “pray for Sparky’s home.” Part of my prayer wasn’t answered, at least as I had said it, but Jeannie’s safe and alive. That part was answered.

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